Read of the Week: Energy Access Outlook 2017

"This year the International Energy Agency has built on its work on energy access to produce a ground-breaking and in-depth examination of the prospects for, and pathway to, modern energy access for all by 2030. The IEA has tracked country-by-country data on access for over fifteen years, providing forward-looking analysis on access to electricity and clean cooking. This year it has combined its comprehensive energy balance data with its detailed analysis of recent progress to provide a first of its kind historical analysis that covers more than 140 countries and shows not only the number of people who gained access to electricity and clean cooking since 2000 but also how they gained it.

Click here to download the PDF

This has been combined with an in-depth review of energy access policy ambitions, and with overall energy sector modelling and geospatial analysis, to provide the global energy community with its most detailed and robust examination yet of the pathways to universal energy access by 2030, including a full assessment of costs and benefits."- EAO 2017

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